“But I Have Nothing To Wear!”

Finding Your Perfect Family Photo Outfit

You’ve heard the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter”, but what about the saying, “Christmas card pictures arepaper-family-1186206 taken in the summer”? Okay, okay, so I made that up, but regardless, it’s pretty much true. Just today, I happened to be looking at a picture of my best friend and her new husband on their honeymoon in Hawaii, and thought well there you have, there’s the Christmas card. Of course, many people choose to do more formal pictures of the family each year, opting for matching outfits to help set the tone, and scenic settings like the beach or woods. If this is you and you’re searching for the perfect picture to set the tone for your family picture, then look no further; I’ve got you covered for all seasons.


For pictures during the first half of the year, you’ll want to dress more casually than you would during the latter half. Think beach-y or garden-like, this will help you look more in tune to your surroundings and the natural lighting that will be captured outside. For both seasons, opt for dresses, skirts, jeans, and khaki. All options are more free-flowing and provide a more natural asuns-1519242ppearance than you’d expect for something taken in the fall and winter. Likewise, you’ll want to choose colors that are cool: pale purples, soft greys, and light blues are all good options. If you’re having trouble choosing, then take a look at Google and type in “cool colors” into the search engine. This will give you a good idea of what colors will compliment not only your tanner skin from the summer sun, but of what ones will appear best in your pictures.


Are you more of a winter or a summer? Only joking, but in this situation, if you happen to be more of a summer you’ll want to check that thought process at the fall-1410265door. An autumn and winter sun means softer lighting, which means you’re able to dress in warmer colors without running the risk of having it washed out in pictures. Opt for tights, coats, darker pants, and fancier shirts to help give your picture more of an edge. Also, you’ll want to stick to those warmer colors I mentioned above. Earth tones such as hunter green, mustard yellow, and dark blue are great options for this time of year. These colors will take in the light, giving your fall and winter pictures a great, rich color.

Don’t Be Afraid of Mixing and Matching

Back in the day, it was all blue jeans with white tops for the classic beach look (don’t get upset, I have several pictures with the same canvas from my childhood days), but now there’s so many other options to choose from. Sticking to your color palette, pick one or two pieces that add some much needed intrigue to the eye. Don’t go too crazy, however, as too crazy of patterns can clutter the picture and make your photographs turn out funny. A good rule to follow is to place parents in the more neutral shades and patterns, while placing kids in the brighter and patterned pieces.


Contrary to what you’ve heard, accessories are not the enemy of a picture, but they should be used sparingly and smartly. Choose accessories that won’t detract from the overall picture, causing too much attention on one person. Seasonal items such as hats and scarves are good, and can really be used for any time of the year (the lighter the season, the lighter the scarf and vice versa). Also, be sure to choose appropriate jewelry for the occasion, nothing too big and flashy. Keep it simple and the picture will turn out great.

Finally, always be sure you wear something comfortable and that you’ve, more importantly, tried on before. It shows in pictures when you’re uneasy in what you’re wearing, which translates into a not-great picture. Picture time is nothing short of memory making time, meaning if you have any questions you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your Temecula family photographer for any advice on what they think would be best to wear and what you should avoid. Get creative and look forward to a memory that you’re proud to have.

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