Shutter At the Thought

Putting Picture-Taking Fears To Rest

About two months ago, my mother insisted on having a family photo taken. She hit me with all of the typical mother-shaming techniques: it’s been years; we have new members of the family, or the kicker “we won’t be around forever”. Of course, being her loving daughter I was forced to oblige, even when my own fear of being in front of the camera is enough to send me into a blind panic. Sure I grew up with my mother forcing the camera into my face holiday after holiday, and sure she was a fully trained photographer who happened to own all sorts of professional equipment. But even while I grew up to become a photographer myself, I’ve always been more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. You know the saying, “those who don’t do, teach,” well for me, it’s always been “those terrified of the camera, run away screaming”, or you know, take

I’m able to rationalize my fear because I know that I am in no way alone in it. From already nervous brides who shake at the mere thought of being in front of a camera, to high school seniors cowering as I come near them, I know that not every one is immune to the power of the zoom-feature, leaving me their best option at soothing their growing anxiety. No matter who your Temecula family photographer is, they should take every care to make you feel as comfortable as possible under their lens. Ensure that you find a photographer who will take their time with you (particularly if you have fussy kids), who will seek out the best light to make you look your best, and who won’t be intrusive when politely asked not to be. While finding a photographer with a penchant for patience will help guarantee a smoother photography session, there are several tips that you can take into account to help lower your anxiety in the mean time as well.

Plan Your Outfit Ahead of Time

Your Temecula family photographer will have advice for how to go about choosing the best colors and patterns for your location and time of day, but aside from that, you’re on your own. Pick the most difficult person to dress and plan around them, choose similar patterns, textures, and colors while adding different pieces (vests, scarves, hats) to keep the picture interesting. Choose your outfits ahead of time, making sure that each piece fits well and is tailored to your liking. Waiting until the week of to make outfit choices will only add to your stress, forcing it to increase, as the day grows closer. Make final outfit choices with time to spare for changes, and always bring a spare white long sleeve on the day of to account for any coffee or dirt stains that may occur prior to your picture being taken.

Get Some Sleep

We all know the rule: 8 hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, not many of us wind up with nearly this amount of sleep, leaving us to look tired and restless. When you’re getting ready to take a picture, however, a restful night sleep can help sleeping-1519723ease your nerves or keep your confidence up. Minimize shadows and pillow-head by getting a restful night sleep before picture day and allow maximum time to prep prior to heading out to get your pictures taken. Avoid taking pills to help you sleep, as these may adversely leave you groggy throughout the day, accentuating your tired eyes. Likewise, avoid caffeine the day before if you’re a nervous picture taker, as this can keep you wired throughout the night with jittery nerves, shortening your actual sleeping time. Not to mention, if you’re planning on having children in your picture, it’s ideal to have them well rested, making them less cranky and open to fits.

Grab Lunch

There’s a fine line between eating so much before a photo shoot that you bloat making you feel uncomfortable, and filling up an empty stomach. An empty stomach (especially for kids) will only get worse the more nerves you have at play. Too large of meal, however, will leave you sluggish and uncomfortable in your pictures, making you second-guess everything, while shattering your confidence. Keep your confidence up by snacking on something light beforehand, leaving you comfortable in your clothes and pictures. While you can bring snacks to keep your family satisfied, be mindful of anything that can cause your clothing to get dirtied up, or cause food to get caught in teeth.

Don’t Be Late

Give yourself—and your family—plenty of time to get ready before the big day. Be sure not to rush anyone, particularly time-1196952those whose nerves might be getting the best of them. This should be a day for fun and family bonding, not one of added stress and panic over not making your curtain call. Give yourself enough time to arrive to your appointment at least fifteen minutes beforehand, leaving you time to correct makeup and hair blunders, while giving everyone a chance to catch up and let their anxiety run its course. Calm everyone’s nerves by keeping rushing to a minimum, and if you do happen to run late, be kind and let your Temecula family photographer know.

Remember, if you’re someone who panics at the sight of a camera, you’re not alone! Prepping for a photo shoot can be cause for stray nerves to go awry. Let your body and mind relax, and get ready to smile wide, and say cheese.